quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2014

Journaling Bible

I always studied the Bible. I have lots of papers, notebooks and notes from sermons or from my personal study. I love that. 
But I always want to do something more with my personal study, with my journaling... I always wanted to make them beautiful!!

Some weeks ago, I saw on Shanna Noel's blog her journaling Bible and I love it. I love the way that she made everything looks so simple and yet so beautiful!! I had to do something like that. 

I think the point of a journaling Bible/notebook is get to know the Lord better. It is to study His word and find the treasures of His Word. So, it really doesn't matter if you are using just colorful pens or paint, what matters is knowing the Lord Jesus. 

So I looked around here for a journaling Bible and I didn't find any. And to order from the USA was going to be really expensive. So what should I do? 
Well, I put together some supplies = some tags from Chic Tags and Hello Forever, some stamps, some clips, some tiny letters and some dots. I decided to keep it simple for now. 

And as I was thinking about how should I do that, I decided to journal in a notebook, which is not the same as the Bible, but... it will work just fine. 
Maybe soon I will get one of those Bibles!!

Yes, I am re-writing Colossians, as you see. 
And for some reason, it is working for me. 

As soon as I finish this chapter, I will share with you how my notebook is looking like!!
Hope that it will be soon!! 


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