quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2014

Week in the life - day 02

Hello guys
How are you today?
How is your project going?

Tuesday was a busy day. 
When I say busy day, I mean, I didn't had a change to get my camera. 
I don't have a lots of pictures for this day, and all of them was taken by my phone. 

first thing in the morning.

make up routine



going to work

time for the dogs

time to myself.

I am having fun trying to figure out new things to document. 
Having the same schedule every day is kind of dificult to document. 
But it is a really good. 
i am enjoying it a lot. 

Week in the life - Day 01

Hello guys,

Week in the life is kind of hard to do. 
If you are not intentional about it, you can miss a lot. 
These are my pictures of Monday. 
They are not edited, and I am not planning how I will create this album right now. 
I am focused on the pictures. 

I am not really happy about it.
But it was good to see what I need to change and what I can do better and how can I take better photos!!

How is your WITL going???

segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014

Week in the Life - Day 0

I am joining Ali Edward this week for the "Week in the life"project.
As I said before, I ordered Ali's kit, but because I am here in Brazil, I didn't get it yet. Maybe by the end of this week... let's see.
Well, but this is not a problem. I will be taking pictures, writing and when the kit arrives, I will just put it all together. 

But there are some things that I prepared for this years project. 
I read Ali's post about how we are built with stories, and I totally agree with that. 
My goal this week is write. Write way more that I wrote in the previous years. This year I really want to document the small things. The things that makes my days as it is. 

We live in seasons, and something that I used to do last year, it is not in my routine anymore. I like to document that small changes.
That is why I think that this project is amazing. 

This week I want to include the same pictures every day, like: 
- breakfast
- clothes
- weather
- coffee
- and maybe some other things that I will discover in the middle of the way.

I want to keep it simple!
Simple is best!!

quinta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2014

A week in the Life

Are you guys excited to start "A week in the life" by Ali Edwards?? 
I know I am! 

Really, I am really excited! 
It is not my first time doing it, but it will my first time doing it intentionally!
I will explain:
In the past years, I just took pictures and create my album! This year I want to write more! I want to use more words to document it! 

And this year I ordered Ali's kit! 
It is not here yet and I hope that it will arrive in time!! Fingers crossed!!

I am preparing some things before the week starts and the kit arrives, but I will post it by the end of the week!! 

Hope to see yours too!! 

domingo, 19 de outubro de 2014

30 days of Thankful

30 days of Thankful is around the corner. 
And I so need that right now!!

It is so difficult to think about the small things of our lives and be thankful for them. We are used to think that just the big things that matter. This is not true. 
30 days of thankful is an exercise that I really need to start doing. 
Not only for the purpose of this album, but also for me. 

I need to start looking at the small things. 
I need to know that it is not just good things that I have to be thankful for. 
I need to pay more attention in my life and how I am spending it. 
And I need to be more thankful.

So I decided to join Cathy Zielske on her project. 
I tried this last year, but life got really busy and I never finished. 
This year will be different. I hope. 

I bought her set at Studio Calico and I will be using it for my album.
I intend it to be really simple.
One picture a day, journaling and just that! 

Let's see what will happen. 
I hope that you will join her too. 

quinta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2014

I am planning a trip..

I am planning a trip. And with that, I am planning on how I will document my trip. 
It has been a while since I want to make a scrap on the road. I tried so many times, but it never works. I am not sure if it was because I didn't had the right tools, if I wasn't so into that... I am not sure why, but this time I really want to come back home with the whole album done. 
i think it is really nice when you get back and your family starts asking you how was the trip and you just give them the mini album! 
"Here, take a look..."

So, I have decided!!
I will do this album!!

I am looking on lots of inspirations online and deciding what will work for me or not. What I really want to do or not. 
So far I got to this... 

I decided to use a Handbook by Studio Calico. I know that it is a little big and thick, but I think it will work perfectly to save all the things that I like to save when I travel. 
I will do some more embellishments here, but this is the first page that I want to use. 

Another thing that I already decided to do is using a piece of kraft paper to journaling. I will stamp the days of the trip, maybe the days of the month too, and just let inside of the album, so I will be ready to journal in the end of the day. 

As right now, this is what I have. 
I am searching, planning, deciding... but I am also very excited for that trip!!!