domingo, 19 de outubro de 2014

30 days of Thankful

30 days of Thankful is around the corner. 
And I so need that right now!!

It is so difficult to think about the small things of our lives and be thankful for them. We are used to think that just the big things that matter. This is not true. 
30 days of thankful is an exercise that I really need to start doing. 
Not only for the purpose of this album, but also for me. 

I need to start looking at the small things. 
I need to know that it is not just good things that I have to be thankful for. 
I need to pay more attention in my life and how I am spending it. 
And I need to be more thankful.

So I decided to join Cathy Zielske on her project. 
I tried this last year, but life got really busy and I never finished. 
This year will be different. I hope. 

I bought her set at Studio Calico and I will be using it for my album.
I intend it to be really simple.
One picture a day, journaling and just that! 

Let's see what will happen. 
I hope that you will join her too. 

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